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Sharing video content will grow your audience, build awareness and communicate directly to your clients. But without consistency it can become a pointless and stressful chore.

Wink can help. We believe in making great videos that give viewers a reason to engage, like, follow and share – every single week.

Wink is a video production company that creates, organises and prepares your video content for online distribution. Take your video marketing to the next level with our expert videography, editing and online production service.

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Wink put our whole team at ease throughout the process from planning to filming and editing. They took the time to ensure they captured the required content, yet have always delivered the final product by the deadline.

Katy Radcliffe, Hollyport Capital

The team at Wink have produced brilliant video content for us since 2017. They understand our brand, approached projects with hard work and good humour, and have helped us craft regular content that tells our story year-round.

Max Stiegler, Masterpiece London

Wink have been a fantastic production partner. They have been incredibly flexible and professional and have become deeply embedded within our team. A trusted and valuable partner!

Ben Phillis, VAHA

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Fundsmith Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2023

For the seventh year running we are delighted to have produced another annual ASM video for FUNDSMITH, the largest active equity mutual fund in the UK. As of December 2022 Fundsmith had over £35bn in funds under management. The ASM event and video are an important part of the Fundsmith experience with average views on YouTube of over 70k.

Watch as Ian King introduces the 2023 Fundsmith Annual Shareholders’ Meeting at Central Hall Westminster. Terry Smith and Julian Robins present the results from the year and answer shareholders’ questions.

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