About us

We are a new kind of video production company.

Founded on over 25 years of industry experience, supporting some of the most iconic brands in the world, Wink is a creative video agency that offers you more. Our mission is to transform the way brands plan, produce, and share their marketing and communications strategy – by harnessing the power of video content that is relevant, exciting, authentic, and – above all – consistent.

We believe that good quality video is the single most powerful tool in the marketer’s toolbox and should be made easily available to every organisation, no matter their scale or budget. 

We believe that consistent distribution is the best way to grow and keep a loyal and active audience. We believe these videos should have a mix of emotion, education, and engagement, and we achieve this through interviews, thought-leadership, and quality footage.

We believe that regular content needs preparation and organisation. That’s how you stay ‘on it’. That’s how you can make algorithms work for you. 

It’s all about conversation domination.

We commit to providing quality content that can be used across all your marketing channels. We want to empower our community of marketers to take charge of the conversation, and use the Wink platform as their own tool from which to communicate clear, regular messaging.

Making an impact on audiences, not the planet.

We are a carbon neutral business, and making Wink carbon zero by 2025 is a priority for us. Our commitment to the environment runs through everything we do, from recharging all our batteries through solar power to offsetting our footprint through tree-planting initiatives.

We work with Ecologi to calculate the energy we consume and how many trees we need to plant per employee per year. So far we have reduced almost 25 tonnes of CO2, and are currently planting trees in Scotland and Madagascar. We extend this commitment to our clients, and work with you to help develop your own carbon neutral journey.

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