Going live…

The brand.

The VAHA training model is at the cutting edge of home workouts: a personal trainer in your mirror. Each interactive fitness mirror displays either a pre-recorded session or a live trainer in real time, who can use VAHA’s motion detection software to keep track of participants and monitor their performance.

The challenge.

Following success in their native Germany, VAHA wanted to take their model to the UK. First off, they needed a quality, Covid-secure space from which to live stream their classes and record on-demand material. VAHA needed to hit the ground running with at least 15 hours of streaming per week, plus recorded assets for use in on-demand classes and marketing campaigns.

Given VAHA’s strong brand identity in Germany, it was vital that Wink provide an environment and process which could seamlessly transport the look & feel and tone of voice of the German experience over to the UK.

The best bits.

Creating a dedicated (and on-brand) recording space in the Wink studio for VAHA trainers to teach from.

Streaming and recording classes across the week, for 16+ hours of classes.

‘Behind the scenes’ recording and photoshoots to incorporate the value of live into a longer-term marketing strategy.