Sending social soaring

The brand.

Volare is a private aviation company, offering private jets for hire or sale to high-net-worth individuals and organisations. The Volare Aviation Group comprises charter, sales, management, and engineering lines, offering a unique concept in the field.

The challenge.

Volare’s marketing team were frequently having to resort to still images for their posts – they were quicker and easier to produce. When they did add video this was usually filmed on the spot and confined to Instagram stories.

Volare wanted to raise their profile, and do this by creating more consistent, better quality video content to increase their engagement on Instagram and build a new community on LinkedIn.

The best bits.

Working with the Volare team, Wink’s specialists advised focusing on content for LinkedIn in particular.

Filming at sky level, joining a Cessna’s flight to Switzerland to collect a new helicopter to get multi-purpose B-roll footage.

Putting faces to names and demonstrating the passion behind the aircraft was vital when it came to driving emotional engagement.

And the results?


increase in photography engagement


increase in video engagement