Ensuring investor engagement

The brand.

Hollyport Capital is a London-based private equity firm. Investors considering their portfolios rely on Hollyport to provide quality, professionalism, and delicacy in their services.

The challenge.

Hollyport had never created any video assets and some of the partners needed convincing! After the first quarter’s results, everyone was onboard and the next quarter was booked in immediately. Hollyport now use Wink for both their external and internal communications.

The best bits.

In discussion with the Hollyport team, Wink recommended a video strategy to convey report stats in an engaging way.

Friendly, engaging videos introducing key partners and documenting Hollyport’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) journey.

12 initial videos, one to highlight each week of the past quarter. Case study videos to celebrate Hollyport’s successes.