Online events, but better.

The brand.

Masterpiece London is an annual, high-end London arts fair, bringing together 200+ exhibitors from across the globe. Masterpiece is unique, showcasing a diverse range of ‘cross-collections’ ranging from jewellery to ancient Egyptian artefacts to contemporary art – all under one roof.

The challenge.

Masterpiece already knew the power of video, having worked with Wink since 2017 to diversify their social media and increase website traffic.

Now, however, needed to transform into a year-round ‘storefront’ for the diverse materials and artworks which make Masterpiece so unique. While this project was underway, the Covid-19 pandemic meant the in-person fair became a virtual one, placing even greater pressure on the new website to deliver a truly immersive, authentic experience. is now a video content led website. We also teamed up with Masterpiece and their sponsors Royal Bank of Canada and Sotheby’s Institute of Art to create a Masterclass video series.

The best bits.

Using the Wink Remote package to collect 70+ videos showcasing a range of exhibitors.

Mixing up remote interviews with in-person filming in local London galleries.

Telling a year-round story: Masterpiece are now using their Wink subscription to produce a video series highlighting the variety of artistic media represented by the fair.

And the results?


pageview increase on Masterpiece Online

“The amount of quality content on the website is fantastic… so many videos!”